Thorrider Admin Abuse

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Thorrider Admin Abuse

Post by edvinuliux on Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:24 am

[Advert] Jeff The Killer: Hit completed
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(OOC) Nick such A Dick: laws suck i want rdm can i?
(OOC) Random Dude: Rdm
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Warning: Unhandled usermessage '_Notify'
Disconnect: Kicked by Thorrider(STEAM_0:0:56489241) (RDM).
Disconnect: Kicked by Thorrider(STEAM_0:0:56489241) (RDM).

Jeff The Killer: I don't think it's a random deathmatch.
Thorrider: yep RDM for radomly killing me
Jeff The Killer: You didn't say shit about it.
Thorrider: i was in mid of conversation
Jeff The Killer: It wasn't random killing, there was a bounty on you.
Jeff The Killer: You know you could just fucking noclipped there?
Jeff The Killer: lemme see
Thorrider: NOCLIPING is only alowed if i was on duty stuck or dealing with RDM'ers
Jeff The Killer: It doesn't say that you can't kill an admin in a mid-conversation.
Jeff The Killer: You're getting reported.
Jeff The Killer: Smile

And I wanted to get in the !mod to register, he kicked me for a purpose because I said that I'm gonna report him.  And it doesn't seem like he was trying   to help the other guys out for RDM'ing, or else. When He wasn't moving I shot him, and got kicked.And I think he wanted to kick me to get the Bounty Hunter.

Disconnect: Kicked by thorrider (The Killer Admin Abuse)


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